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The beauty of certain things remains a pictorial story for others. Talk about marriage, relationship, a holiday, an achievement, buying a car, buying a house, falling in love…. When you look at photos n pictures n videos it looks filled with stars, happy, wonderful. But what goes behind in making that happen is too much of sorrow, dissatisfaction, tiresome efforts. It’s ironical that one is never able to appreciate the real thing that makes all this happens and what becomes a pseudo reality is that, all such so called celebrations bring happiness to people involved. However, in reality all this creates distances, absolute.hatred and agony for one another. And trust me, it isn’t as starry as it looks from what you see. Love compassion, feeling, care n trust, promises n understanding, all burn down to a shear down turn of show business. The idea when it started was to be happy, however, later on its not about our happiness, happiness and contentment of the people involved but the.people around. What it to to others, what happiness is it which makes you unhappy but seems like happiness for others.

Eventually you realize that it’s not the thing you actually wanted. What you wanted was understanding, what you wanted was somebody standing by, what you wanted was peace…. Peace..ahhnn… It’s not there on borders, it’s not there in ourselves, it is just hypothetical poetic horizon which we thing we can achieve. And what we become are materialize agonists, blurring and shouting and trying to prove that we aren’t less than what our predecessors were.

What are we doing? Why are we doing all this? Who are we trying to prove, where will all this.go in history. It will all get rumbled another event which for a certain period.may be termed as an life but.then will get washed away like the sand on the beach. When will we realize that time, togetherness and happiness is not to be proven but to be.felt, to be experienced and not to be shouted upon for others to believe.

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